Social Media Profile

Social Media Profile:

Twitter – @MaseBeebs3 – 999 Followers

Instagram – @MasonBiberstein – 730 Followers

Facebook – Mason Biberstein – 1,541 Friends

Snapchat – masonbiberstein – 237 Friends

My favorite social media platform is by far Twitter. Due to the character limitations I’m allowed to show off my creativity to get my message across. I would classify myself as a creator according to the technographic ladder. I love posting unique tweets, whether it includes pictures or videos, and then engaging with my friends! I would say I’m on social media for over an hour a day, mainly on Twitter, examining content. Twitter has provided the younger audience a great way to collect news that expresses their interest. The best way for marketers to reach me is by engaging with me and conducting sweepstakes. Whether the odds are favorable or not I’m willing to retweet a business with the slim chance of winning something. I also become overjoyed when a business responds to my tweet. There is a 100% chance I retweet it to show my friends.

On Instagram I would consider myself an observer. I do spend about 20 minutes a day on this platform keeping up to date with my friends. I don’t follow many businesses on Instagram but I do recognize sponsored post. I usually only follow my friends on this platform. Regarding Snapchat, it takes an extremely unique filter or advertisement for me to engage with. Facebook is nearly nonexistent to me. I only use it to read important information on my fraternity page. I occasionally run into advertisements that have tracked me but I rarely pursue clicking on the ads.


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