Marketing 400 Summary

Marketing 400 Class Summary:

During enrollment and at the beginning of the semester I was ecstatic this class only met once a week. Near the beginning of April I was actually somewhat disappointed we only met once a week though. Marketing 400 is an extremely unique course especially for a majority of us who have aspirations of working at an advertising agency and designing campaigns. I would have loved to analyze another larger, more established, business and designed a campaign for them. Taking Marketing 400 at the same time as Marketing 420 – Integrating Marketing Communications proved to be highly beneficial. It tied together the material tremendously and reiterated its importance. I also enjoyed the semester schedule. We always knew exactly what to expect for the week when it came to homework and the discussion boards. One recommendation I would make is not having access to our classmate’s discussion posts. There were times where I felt that others were nearly looking off my posts for content ideas when I checked back at the discussion boards early in the year. I would also only allow “What’s the most important thing you learned in class this week?” when the weeks lessons consisted of meaningful content. Sometimes I would write about a group’s presentation instead of expanding my knowledge about the textbook or lecture information. I also wish we discussed more negative outcomes regarding social media accounts from both a business and personal standpoint. It’s always important to reiterate that social media content last forever and can haunt you for the rest of your life unless you’re on CyberDust.

I also wish more of our assignments were presentations in front of the class to become more comfortable in front of an audience. These should have been business casual at the minimum in my opinion. I know this was a social media course but we all know how much of a distraction technology can be. I believe we should have limited the amount of time we were allowed to use our computers in class while you were lecturing. College students simply don’t have the best self-discipline when it comes to paying attention and pulling out there phones at all possible times.

Altogether, I highly recommend this course to any marketing major and would be an advocate for this to be a mandatory business school marketing course rather than an elective. This class provided real world experience and I’m extremely happy I recognized this course when enrolling.


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